Do You Know The Types Of Sports Betting? Learn Here

Sports betting offer variety of bets for punters or bettors. You can select the betting type as per your interest in the games and ability to win. There are two categories of bet-single and multiple. The popular one is the single bet where an individual makes the bet. Classic bets, total bets, handicaps, point spreads and outright or future bets are included in single bet category. In multiple betting, a punter can make multiple selections. Combo bets or accumulator, permutation or system bets are included in multiple bets. However, other bets are included in this category which is conditional bets, forecasts, special and live bets.

The article is an introduction to all the betting types offered by sports betting. So, let us begin.

Sports betting types

Single bets

An individual bet or single bet is easiest and safe because the winning chances are around 33-50 percent. Here, the possibility of winning depends on the outcomes of an event. If there are three outcomes offered by the bookie then winning chances are 33.33percent. On the other hand, there are 50 percent chances of winning in the game with only two possible outcomes. Moreover, individuals can analyze their selection as they get more time for analysis.

Multiple bets

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Here, a punter can predict outcomes for multiple events. In double bets, you can predict the outcomes of two events. However, to win all the bets one must predict correct outcomes of all the events. Therefore, some of the punters prefer single bets rather than multiple bets because even if he wins in one event he may lose the other. On the other hand, a punter is less likely to win the treble bets than another type of bets. But odds are higher and options are more, therefore many punters prefer multiple bets.


Combo or accumulator bets are also popular. When a punter puts bets on at least two events then he is making combo bets. So, double and treble bets come in this category. If punter makes four selections then it will be called as four-fold bets. However, there may be a limit on bets placed by the bookmaker. Usually, one can make 20 bets which are the maximum limit for most of the games. Standard and other betting types fall under this category. However, it is risky betting type because if one bet is lost then the entire bet is lost.

There is an advantage of such betting type. To get the good odds, one can combine lower odds with other odds. In this way, you can win some money on the favorites. Try here

System bets

Perms or permutations bets are placed on few events just like you do in the accumulator bets. However, there is a difference that a punter need not predict all the event’s outcomes correctly. So, it means you still have chances of winning even if one of the outcomes is predicted incorrectly.

There are other types of bets as well such as special bets and forecasts.  In forecasts, the correct order of the winners of the race is predicted. Special bets are placed even on non-sporting events other than sports events and hence it is different.

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