Rooster Training Basics

Game Mechanics of Online Cockfighting

In some asian countries, cockfighiting has been made illegal. But in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, or Vietnam, this sport is made up of temporary arenas. The arenas are made up of 1.5 wide metre rings.

These games can become very competitive and everyone enjoys them. So, what really happens inside a cockfighting match?

Game Mechanics of Online Cockfighting

Game Basics

The fighting area only allows owners inside to take care of their owners. Bettors and spectators can only surround the ring without entering. Roosters are only allowed to fight within the given area. If one dies or goes out of the ring twice or does not come back, they lose the game.

Before the game begins, the owners will usually negotiate on the terms before their chickens start fighting. Roosters will then be compared depending on their size, combat abilities, and weight. If the rooster has longer spurs compared to the other, the opponent will be allowed to put temporary spurs.

Once both parties have agreed on the terms for battle, owners will then bring their chickens inside the ring. Each rooster will be placed on opposite sides of the ring. The game will begin once the owners are given the go signal to put down their roosters.

As a first instinct, fighting roosters will always try to gauge their opponents before going in for the kill. Once the roosters start attacking, it will be a fight till the death. The game will end once the opponent dies.

Payouts in cockfights come in different forms. Two of the most common would include: The person who loses the game, pays the agreed amount to the winner, the loser will forfeit the defeated rooster to the winner, or the loser pays the winner.

Points to Remember when Betting

Finding the best and the most reputable betting site is important for any online cockfighting tournament. To know if the site is legit, they will usually offer tips, safe promotions, options for security, and sometimes future betting.

Since you will be using real money for securing your bets online, you will need to make sure that the site is fully operational and of course legal. Make sure to consider customer service as well when looking at websites. They will usually be able to give you real time options.

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